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The Horseshoe Lakeside is the most popular of the two communities that make up Welland. Located within the Crestside community, it is an ideal place for families with children to grow up in and enjoy all the perks of a well planned community. It is conveniently located between Colleys Bend and Portstown and is very close to both the Welland airport and the Garda Transport bus stations. The Horseshoe Lakeside has its own car park, water play area, kids’ playground, tennis court, as well as a party space.

The La Salle Waterfront village is the perfect choice for selling real estate in Ontario for anyone interested in waterfront real estate. The village is conveniently located right beside the Lagan Boulevard bridge which connects downtown to the Horseshoe Lakeside. This village has many walking paths, benches, parks, fountains and restaurants where you can have a fun-filled morning or lunch. You can even have your dinner and a movie at the Regent Trail Park before you go back to your home in welland.

There are numerous reasons why the Horseshoe Lakeside has become a popular real estate destination with young home buyers in Ontario. One of them is the vast expanse of land that encompasses the entire village. Another is the proximity of the downtown area with the other major centres of interest in Toronto and downtown Greater Toronto. Lastly, when you choose to live in welland real estate, you are literally steps away from the Toronto Islands.

The community of Welland, located in southwestern Ontario, is a vibrant and lively community full of exciting things to do. There are several factors that contribute to the attraction of this community: a variety of home options, good elementary schools, a wide range of amenities and great family entertainment centres. There are over 150 licensed dealers of fine automobiles in this area. The Horseshoe Lakefront shopping Centre is one of the best shopping destinations in town. You will be able to find various types of retail outlets, including welland’s Best Bargains Outlet, Biggar’s Market, Family Dollar, Best Buy, Superstore, Big Medicine and pharmacy stores.

The average housing prices in the community of welland are slightly higher than the national average, but that may vary according to the neighbourhood. There are a number of neighbourhoods that have high expectations for the future: Crest, Grove, Larch Tree, Belmont and Maple Ridge are some of them. The neighbourhoods of Crest and Larch Tree have the highest demands for property. The communities of Grove and Maple Ridge have lower property values, but still manage to remain reasonably well-off. The rating for Crest and Larch Tree is average or above average.

As it happens, there are a number of towns that are close to welland, which are rated higher than their welland real estate neighbour. These towns include Fort Erie, Niagara Falls, Wellington, Fort Erie, Lindsay, St Wellington, Barrie, Woodstock, and Niagara. In fact, these towns have the highest demand for properties, and that makes them even more interesting to potential homebuyers.

In the community of Welland, there is a new housing development that is gaining in popularity – Strathcona. This community is located in an area where there are plenty of amenities available, including welland homes, elementary schools, swimming pools, gyms, restaurants, and a variety of other businesses. Strathcona features spacious single-family units and townhouses, and many of the units have two bathrooms and two-car garages. The Strathcona community has two restaurants and a spa, along with several other activities. That makes it an attractive choice for young families, retirees, couples, and singles.